Master Plan Amendment Hearing and Vote

The Master Plan Amendment process is in the home stretch — yet there is much to be concerned about, and in short order any revisions must be requested. On Monday, July 10 at 10 a.m. the City Council’s Committee of the Whole will meet to hear public comments. On July 27th, the City Council will vote on the proposed Master Plan Amendments that are not contested. Everyone should be watching and aware of the planning and zoning changes that are about to become law and know what it means for your neighborhood, and our city.

Our top picks of select amendments that could be most troublesome as proposed are listed by topic below.  You can click on each one for a brief synopsis. If you agree with our analysis, please take a moment to send an email to the City Council and copy the City Planning Commission --, and please also cc

They need to hear from you!

Councilmember At Large Jason Williams -

Councilmember At Large Stacy Head  -

Councilmember District A Susan Guidry  -

Councilmember District B LaToya Cantrell -

Councilmember District C Nadine Ramsey -

Councilmember Distirct D Jared Brossett -

Councilmember Distirct E James Gray -

Our top picks for the worst proposed Master Plan Amendments - Click on each one for more information:

To review the Master Plan Amendments working document, please use the links, below – the first is the full text and proposed revisions and the second link is the Future Land Use Map.

The City Planning Commission has also issued the following public notice with more information on Monday’s Committee of the Whole meeting:

It has recently been confirmed that the City Council will hold a special public hearing to receive comments from all speakers on proposed Master Plan amendments. The hearing will take place onMonday, July 10, at 10am, in the Council Chambers, 1300 Perdido Street, New Orleans. The hearing is only to receive public comments – the Council will not be voting on the amendments until July 27.  On July 27, there will likely be a much more limited time frame for public comments.

The Council has prepared two ordinances for consideration, both of which are currently written to accept the City Planning Commission’s recommendations.  Calendar Ordinance 31,918 is for amendments to the Future Land Use Map.  Calendar Ordinance 31,917 if for amendments to the text of the Master Plan.

Please note that if you want to speak on the map amendments, you should review the attachment to the ordinance and refer to it by the number in the attachment.   If you want to speak about text amendments, note that the attachment for the ordinance includes a redline version of the Master Plan’s chapters.  If you want to speak about the text amendments to these chapters, you should reference the chapter and page number.

If an amendment request was recommended for denial by the CPC, it should not appear as part of either ordinance’s attachment. If speaking on an amendment recommended for denial, you can reference your original amendment number assigned by the CPC.

Information on the Council process can be found on their website: CLICK HERE FOR CALENDAR ORDINANCES.