3rd Grade Resources

The CCSS can be addressed during a field trip to the Pitot House. Here are some examples for the 3rd Grade curriculum:


The following document references the Grade 3 iLEAP Social Studies Assessment Structure which is designed to assess the Grade Level Expectations (GLEs) of the Louisiana Common Core State Standards. Click below the document below for interesting field trip ideas.

Social Studies for 3rd Grade



Architecture presents many opportunities to nurture the awareness of geometry and at the same time instill an appreciation for the historic buildings in New Orleans and the value of preservation.

The CCSS recommends Grade 3 instructional time focus on these three critical areas:

  • developing an understanding of fractions, especially unit fractions 
  • developing an understanding of the structure of rectangular arrays and of area
  • describing and analyzing two-dimensional shapes.

The following document references the Grade 3 Common Core State Standards for Math. Please click below for the full resource and ideas for a Pitot House Field Trip.

Math for 3rd Grade